Director: Bernard Sherman Gilreath

Bernard Sherman Gilreathis a student of the Universal Healing Tao System studying and practicing under Master Chia and William U. Wei. He was born after WWI and served in Air Force for twenty years and retired as an Air Force Colonial.

He then worked for General Motor Chevrolet Division as a Purchasing Agent. While at Chevrolet he met John F. Kolar, Automotive Representative (W. U. Wei’s Godfather) and they later founded Gilreath Manufacturing Company, which produced original injection molded automotive parts.

After fifteen years he retired completely selling the company, which was producing over 30 Million dollars of automotive parts per year with over 300 employees.

After retiring he has continued his studies of self-understanding, self-betterment and self-improvement and embracing the understandings and practicing of the Tao.

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