Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs) on the Tao

(Answers are personally written by the Professor from his 30 years of Research, Study, Teaching and Practices) Please click of the FAQ subject to see the answer to the question.

1) What is the Tao?

2) What does the word Tao mean?

3) How do you pronounce the word Tao?

4) What is a Sacred Meditation Mountain?

22) What makes the Universal Healing Tao Books/Booklets so unique & different from other Books?

23) What are the Universal Healing Tao Booklets?

24) Why do we need to practice the Taoist Formulas?

25) How was the Universal Healing Tao System formed?

26) What is the Cosmic Inner Smile?

27) What is the Cosmic Inner Smile Theory?

28) What is the Cosmic Inner Smile Practice?

29) What is the concept of the Six Healing Sounds?

30) What is Chi Self-Massage?

31) What is Microcosmic Orbit (Healing Light or Energy) Practice?

32) What are the Simple Chi Kung Practices?

33) What are the Cosmic Three Forces and their Importance?

34) What are the Three Minds and “I” (Three Minds into One)?

35) What is the Wisdom Chi Kung Practice?

36) What is Iron Shirt Chi Kung (First Level) Practice?

37) What is the Importance of Second Level of Iron Shirt Chi Kung – Tendon Nei Kung?

38) What is the Third Level of Iron Shirt Chi Kung – Bone Marrow Nei Kung about?

39) What is the Concept of Healing Love Practices?

6) What is the most difficult problem in understanding the Tao?

7) What is Master Chia’s Greatest Achievement as a Taoist Master?

8) The Tao that can be spoken and organized can no longer be the Tao?

9) How can anyone teach the Tao?

10) Who is a Taoist?

11) What is Taoism or the Tao?

12) Why is the Tao symbolized by water or the flow of water?

13) What makes the Taoist System of Understandings and Practices different from other systems?

14) What is “Chi”?

15) What is Chi Kung?

16) Who is Master Chia?

17) Who is the Professor?

18) What is the meaning of “Master of Nothingness”?

19) What does W.U. Wei mean?

20) What does Wei Tzu mean?

21) What is the Universal Healing Tao System?

40) What is Love?

41) How do we express Love?

42) Where does the Love come from and how do we get it?

43)What are Spiritual Helpmates?

44) What is Sexology Reflexology?

45) What is the Importance of the Fusion of the Five Elements (First Level) Meditation Practice?

46) Why should we practice Cosmic Fusion (Second Level) Meditation?

47) What is the Fusion of the Eight Psychic Channels (Third Level) Meditation Practice?

48) What is the Concept and Importance of the World Link Meditation?

49) Why should anyone do the Tai Chi Chi Kung (First Level – Tai Chi I) Practices?

50) What is the Importance of the Tai Chi Fa Jing (Second Level – Tai Chi II) Practices?

51) Why should anyone do the Tai Chi Chi Kung Wu Style (Third Level – Tai Chi III) Practices?

52) What are the Tao Yin Practices?

53) What are the Concepts of Chi Nei Tsang (CNT I) Practices?

54) What is the Importance of Advanced Chi Nei Tsang (CNT II) and why should we practice them?

55) What are Karsai Nei Tsang (CNT III) Practices?

56) What is the Concept of the Golden Elixir Chi Kung Practices and its Postures?

57) What are the Tan Tien Chi Kung Practices?

58) What is the Concept of Cosmic Nutrition and how do we use it daily?

59) What is the Importance of Cosmic Astrology?

60) What is Cosmic Detox and its Importance?

61) What is Disease?

62) What is Cancer?

63) What is Fear?

64) What is the difference between Ignorance and Stupidity?

65) What is Death?

66) What is your Ego?

67) What is Freedom?

68) What is Truth?

69) What is Divinity or Being Divine?

70) What does the Four Bodies into One mean?

71) How do we think?

72) Who are we?

73) Where do we come from?

74) How did we get here?

75) Where are we going?

76) How are we going to get there?

77) When can we go?

78) What are the Chi Cards?

79) What is the Concept of Taoist Cosmic Healing and how do we use it in our daily life?

80) What is the Taoist Astral Healing?

81) What are the Immortal Tao and Kan & Li Meditations?

82) What are the Lesser Kan & Li (Inner Soul of the Tao-K&L I) Meditations?

83) What is the Greater Kan & Li (Creating the Immortal Fetus) Practice?

84) What are the Greatest Kan & Li Enlightenment (Gathering Cosmic Light-K&L III) Meditations?

85) What is the Sealing of the Five Senses (Opening the Crystal Room) Practice?