Forthcoming Universal Healing Tao Books and Chi Cards

      These are the InnerTraditions’ under contract and projected Universal Healing Tao books and Chi Card decks to complete the Universal Healing Tao System. This system has been under written construction since 1979 from hundreds of Taoist formulas that have been practiced and perfected over thousands of years and should be completed by 2020. This will mark the first time that these formulas have been written down in a book format for generations of people to come who are interested in following the Tao and its Way for health, well being and longevity.

If any of you have the opportunity and time please read through the overview of these projected Universal Healing Tao Books and Chi Cards in the following page.

Your Friend in the Tao,

The Professor (Wei Tzu)

Master of Nothingness

The Myth that takes the Mystery out of Mysticism

Universal Healing Tao Forth Coming Books         11/1/13

Books Reference Books Print Dates

Male Sexual Health

Male Sexual Health (B43) 11/15

Simple Path to Cosmic Bliss

Stem Cell – DNA (B63) 05/16

Tai Chi Chi Kung Chen Style

Tai Chi Chen Style (B45) 12/16

Tai Chi Chi Kung Sun Style

Tai Chi Sun Style (B46) 02/17

Baqua Palm

Pakua Palm (B65) 07/17

Hsing I

Hsing I (B47) 11/17

Tai Chi Chi Kung Stick Style

Tai Chi Stick Style (B35) 02/18

Tai Chi Chi Kung Sword Style

Tai Chi Sword Style (B52) 05/18

Congress of Heaven & Earth

Congress Heaven/Earth (B47) 09/18

Reunion of Heaven & Man

Reunion Heaven/Man (B48) 11/18

Universal Healing Tao Formulas

2nd 6 CC Decks (240F) (B56) 02/19

Christ’s Teachings within Tao

Notes & BL (B50) 08/19

Ending into the Beginning

Final of Tp Series (B61) 12/19

        Universal Healing Tao Forth Coming Six Chi Card Decks

Chi Cards & Description Print Dates
CC 7 (KL-II, CNT-III, TC-IV, PCK) (Black)Greater Kan & Li, Chi Nei Ching, TC Chen Style, Prostate Chi Kung 2016
CC 8 (KL-III, CD, TC-V, UCK) (Orange)Greatest Kan & Li, Cosmic Detox, TC Sun Style, Uterus Chi Kung 2016
CC9 (S5S, PP, CA, TC-VI, LP) (Turquoise)Sealing of the Five Senses, Pakua Palm, Cosmic Astrology, TC Sword, Life Pulse 2016
CC10 (ISP, CN, TF, TC-VII) (Rose)

Immortal Supplementary Practices, Cosmic Nutrition, Taoist Foreplay, TC Stick

CC11 (HE, HI, AA, TC-VIII) (BurgundyCongress of Heaven & Earth, Hsing I, Inner Alchemy Astrology,

TC 36 Movements

CC12 (HM, TS, SCCK, TC-IX) (Gold)

Reunion of Heaven & Man, Taoist Shaman, Stem Cell Chi Kung,TC 108 Movements


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