Quotes & Affirmations

  1. This too shall pass. (Greatest Salesman of the World – Og Mandino)
    (I read this & if you are patient everything will come to pass no matter what situation you are in or how difficult it is; in time it will pass just hang in there knowing it will pass)
  2. The Last Christian died on the cross. (Frederic Nietzsche)
    (Nietzsche was a brilliant German who could see the stupidity & hypocorism of it all.)
  3. Change what you can change, let go of what you cannot change and have the Wisdom to know the difference. (Alcoholic Anonymous)
    (I never followed the 12 Steps or went to the meetings (too much coffee & smoking) but I remember this.)
  4. Your Actions Speak so loud I can hardly hear a word you are saying.(Taoist Bob Zuraw)
    (This was so precise from the man & friend who introduced me to the Tao but in the end never really practiced it.)
  5. I think it got legs (Lite Touch)(Taoist- W.U. Wei)
    (When something disappears someone took it so it got legs.)
  6. You cannot Sell a Guy Auto Insurance unless he owns a Car. (Industrialist – JAW)
    (You can only do something that correct reasoning behind it or it just does not work & you are wasting your time.)
  7. Throw your Heart over the Wall and your body will soon follow. (Auto Rep – J. F. Kolar)
    (Just do it & if you have the right alignment it will work but if you do not know & do not try you will never know.)
  8. When times are good, the automotive is great when Times are Bad automotive is still good. (J.F. Kolar)
    (That is why automotive was so great in a time before the bankers & government took completely over.)
  9. Speak without Emphasizing your Words while the minds of others are slow which allows you to make your escape in time. (Arthur Schopenhaur)
    (People are not trained to think so they do very little of it which allows a thinker to escape without being detected.)
  10. Birds of a feather Flock Together. (The Professor)
    (Likes always attract so be careful whom you gather with because that is what you will become.)
  11. Whatever you do, or dream you can do – Begin It. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. (Goethe)
    (By starting anything you create opportunities giving way to real power, genius (universal knowledge) & magic.)
  12. It is a great world if you Do Not Weaken. (MRK) – It is a great world if you Know What You are Doing. (JAW)
    (My mother always took on the world because of her strength but I always
  13. Learn to Think with your Heart and Feel with your Mind as an Observatory Tower. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (This is the whole essence of the Tao to use universal knowledge instead of your limited monkey mind knowledge.)
  14. Once you Figure Out How It Is Works then you get it to work for you. (The Professor)
    (I always looked at life to see how it works then I get it to work for me.)
  15. The Tao is the natural flow of the universe as the Tree Grows, as the Sun Glows, as the River Flows, as the Wind Blows & the way the Seed becomes a Rose.(Taoist – Wei)
    This is a beautiful way of understanding life & the Tao through the simplicity of nature & its flow.)
  16. In the Middle of Nothing you are in the presence of all things. (Taoist-W.U. Wei)
    (In the beginning everything came from nothing because there was not anything there to come from.)
  17. Do you Ever Think Before You Speak? (Mantak Chia)
    (MC said this to a real asshole after he asked him some stupid question-I laid on the ground laughing.)
  18. The Tao is the way of Self Discovery. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (The whole Tao is to discover yourself & when you do you discover you are divine.)
  19. Wisdom is the accumulation of Knowledge (20 years) and Experiences (20 years) that is why you do not know anything until you are Forty. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (It takes 20 years to gather knowledge then another 20 years of experiences then you have something to say.)
  20. When you assume (Ass-U-Me) something you make an ass out of you & me.(Taoist-Wei)
    (This is a beautiful way to understand never to assume anything because you only get yourself in trouble.)
  21. All thieves of world will leave you alone if you Do Not Have Any Money. (Taoist-WU Wei)
    (If do not have anything no one can steal anything from you so you can proceed with your simple life.)
  22. If you Do Not Want To Get A Divorce, Do Not Get Married. (Taoist-W.U. Wei)
    (This is how you can control your life by not getting into certain situations you do not want to.)
  23. If you have Tenacity you are a blind man who carries a cripple on his back so he can see. (Taoist – Wei)
    (This is beautiful saying of your will to achieve something, which is a real part of me (Buffalo).
  24. If you first succeed, Try to Hide your Astonishment. (Taoist-W.U. Wei)
    (I love this one because you really do not have any idea of what you are doing until you have done it to your surprise.)
  25. When you have Too Little Money You Become a Thief, and when you have Too Much Money You Become Greedy (legal thief), so the key is just to have enough.(Taoist-Wei)
    (This sums up life & how the powers to be control the masses & are controlled by their own means of controlling.)
  26. Food and sex are our Two Greatest Appetites but they can become our two greatest medicines (Medicines Meals). (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (If we did not so much hunger for food & sex we can use them for our own health & well-being.)
  27. Eighty Percent of the World Population (China & India) is Vegetarian or they could not exist here. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (If the world population was not vegetarian (healthier diet) there would not be any world population.)
  28. You Eat It; you Wear It. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (What you do not assimilate or eliminate your body will store it & by its inability to get rid of it or to neutralize the acid build up with it (fat).
  29. The key to health is how well we eliminated (Colonics) what we take in through our nine openings because we are basically breathaterians. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (75% of the nutrition we take in no matter what we eat comes from the air so we eat too much & if we want to be healthy we have to eliminate it through diet & cleansing – colonics.)
  30. What happens when you drive a tractor in a lake; it sinks. The lake has it’s own power and absorb the power of the tractor. Who is stronger the lake (Feminine Yielding Yin) or the tractor (Male Generating Yang)? The Lake is Far Superior Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (This explains the superiority of being female but the males never realize it to their demise except me.)
  31. Both Genders Urinate when they are young which dictates their personas and how they look at life. The woman internalizes (Personalizes) & the man externalizes (Generalizes). (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (This is a simple principle that I discovered which makes so much sense explaining all the gender differences.)\
  32. You have Nowhere (Now-Here) to go & all the time in the world to get there because there is always something more to become–we live in a Continuum.(Taoist – W. U. Wei)
    (To understand the universe that we live in it you must understand we live in a continuum & forever becoming.)
  33. No matter what you know You Know Nothing; for the Proud Cannot Be Taught, Only the Humble Can Perceive the Truth – the Tao. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (This is so beautiful explaining the only way we live in awareness is with humility to see the truth.)
  34. The key to life is to Enjoy the Ride; the Effortless Path of the Tao. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (Life goes by so fast if you do not enjoy it; it goes right by you & you are gone missing the whole thing.)
  35. Only Speak with Simple Words for the thoughts of others are unclear which allows you to disappear. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (This is a Taoist version of Schopenhaur’s brilliant saying because people’s minds are slower than yours.)
  36. The only way to survive in this life is to become a Blade of Grass in a Field of Grass. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (People are envious & greedy but if they cannot find you, you are free of them to live your life as you want.)
  37. Living in the Tao is a book dedicated to the People Who Do Not Know What to Know About the Unknown. It is a book that you cannot stop reading because every time you read it you discover something new. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (This is a beautiful line explaining to people what to know about what they do not know.)
  38. There are No Original Thoughts in the universe. They are either Used or Misused. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (This is brilliant because everything has been said before so it is either used or misused.)
  39. Whatever you are seeking in life, It is Seeking You. So Sit Still, and when it comes, Join and Flow with It. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (What you think becomes but you do not sit long enough for it to come to you.)
  40. The Tao says that you must Pay Attention and if you do not life will pass you by and that is the awareness or to be conscious. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (If you do not watch for something that you want it will pass right by you.)
  41. We have Neither Friends Nor Enemies only Teachers. (Taoist – W. U. Wei)
    (Do not look at people as your friends or enemies they are your teachers teaching you what to do & not to do.)
  42. All is fair in war and love so there is Only One War on the planet and that is the war of the Genders. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (This is so true if you look for the war’s origin; you will find a struggle between the genders of independence & dependence – the conquer & the conquered – the yang & the yin – white & black.)
  43. When you mediated (close down the senses and look within) you slow the mind and everything becomes clear. It is like Driving a Car 90 Miles an Hour and you look out the window. What Do You See? Not a lot but if you stop the car, get out and Start Walking What Do You See? A lot more & that is what happens when you mediate. As you slow the mind down a non-verbal voice speaks to you by a feeling & it will direct you in your life. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (Life moves too fast to see what is going on so do not try to slow it down but you can slow yourself down to see it.)
  44. The Less You Do, the better because You Do Not Obstruct the Flow of the universe and connect with it in the effortless path of the Tao. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (This is the whole key to the Tao, which takes the ability to let go, which is forgiveness & detachment.)
  45. You Come into the World with Nothing and that is what you Leave with Nothing. That nothing is your Consciousness and that is what you should be spending your time on here cultivating it because that is the only thing you take with you. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (This really makes sense & that is why I practice the Tao cultivating my energy, which I will take with me.)
  46. Whatever questions you have about the Tao, all you have to do is Look Outside because the answers are in nature (Taoist Five Element Theory) from our Molecular Parents. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (Everything is revealed to you in the repetitive patterns & movements in nature are revealed by practicing the Tao.)
  47. To resist something (Ego or Monkey Mind) you give it the power to over take you, so you do not give it any energy positive or negative. You just let it be and observe as you practice the Wu Wei (The Art of Doing Nothing). (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (Do nothing, Do nothing, Do nothing just pay attention because if you do you will give the ego the power to over take you.)
  48. It is amazing What a Little a Little Will Do. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (This is the whole practice of the Tao, the art of doing little & you are amazed how much you will accomplish.)
  49. The Tao is Not a Religion, Cult or Ism. It is a Way of Life. If you are a Buddhism, Christian, Muslim, Islam, Hindu or whatever, you are just a better one when you practice the Tao.(Taoist – W. Wei)
    (The Tao can only make you a better person no matter what your background is.)
  50. Infinity is a Continuum; you continue becoming so there is Nowhere to Go. You are just here gain experiences cultivating your consciousness. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (Life is a circle & the circle has never moved you have just been moving in it gathering consciousness to discover the circle.)
  51. The best way to explain the Tao is the River. A river flows in One Direction. You either learn how the river flows (A Taoist) or you swim against the river, which could cause you pain, discomfort and ultimately death. But no matter what you do either Flowing with the River or Swimming against the River you are Still Going Down the River. So as the ancient Taoists would say if you are really smart Put your Feet Up and Enjoy the Ride. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (The only choice we have in life is how we flow down the river because we are all in the same river of life & it only goes in one direction.)
  52. Sex is like an Itch. It feels good when you Scratch It, but it Feels Even Better When You Do Not Have the Itch. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (This is the key of the sexual practice-keep your gun loaded but your power dry.)
  53. A seed drops from a tree and after six months it roots itself in the ground and disappears. Nothing looks like it is happening but everything is happening. It is rooting itself. After six months to a year it breaks through the surface of the ground and becomes a little tree. Then after another few years it becomes a bigger tree and then after twenty to thirty years it becomes a big tree. Then fifty to sixty years it becomes a huge tree and then after a hundred years it is that big oak tree over there. All we see is the Big Oak Tree not the Hundred Years. All it took is a little bit of water and sunshine (Taoist practice) each day but for a hundred years. Now what happens if you give that little tree Too Much Water or Sunshine (It Dies) or you keep replanting it (nothing happens)?(Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (We see the results (monkey mind) but we never see the process so we never enjoy it looking for only the results.)
  54. You take the Pitcher of Water and you pour it over the rock and it makes a Big Splash. You take the same pitcher of water and tip it just a little bit, so that only a drop hits the same spot on the rock; One Drop at a Time. Before all of the water is out of the pitcher it will Split the Rock. The rock is your own self-realization and the pitcher of water is your energy. This is spaced repetition, a little practice each day. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (Spaced repetition is the only way you will ever achieve permanent change in your body & your life.)
  55. When I was a child my parents moved into a house on a hill with Two Little Pine Trees right next to the house. Then I went off to grade school, high school, college, and had several businesses, and I would visit my parents periodically. Finally, after thirty years, I walked up to my parent’s home. I looked at those little pine trees, and guess what? Both of those pine trees were Bigger than the House. As I looked at them, they were not moving or doing anything just standing there and that is exactly what happens in the Tao.  By practicing the formulas over a period of time, the Transformation in You Subtly takes place and you do not even realize it until you look back at it. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (The whole process of change in the Tao is so slow you did not even see it until it has changed.)
  56. A Pessimist (Negative) takes a look at a Carrot and sees how Narrow it is. An Optimist (Positive) takes a look at a carrot and sees how Long it is. The Realist (Taoist) takes a look at a carrot and (“chomp!”) Eats it. A Taoist sees it for what is to be eaten, not to see how long it is or how narrow it is. When you are thinking with the mind you are Projecting; seeing how narrow or long it is, not observing it for what it really is. In the West, we get into trouble because we do not see things for what they really are.  In order to enter the Tao you become aware and eat the carrot. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (Taoist always eats the carrot they do not care what it looks like only what it is for & use it properly.)
  57. Christ was on the Cross and there was a Good Thief on the Right and a Bad Thief on the Left. But they were Both Thieves (Positive Energy (Right) Lucifer & Negative Energy (Left) Satan) Stealing your Energy. They are both demonic – the Luciferian and Satanic forces. They are both the devil – the Right Path and the Left Path, but who is in the middle? Christ is and his is the Middle Path, the Path of the Tao. The demonic forces are always pulling you, right or left but away from the middle path. As you slow down (mediation) and start to focus you can keep in the middle on the center path. (Taoist-Wei)
    (Lucifer(Good) & Satan (Evil) they are the same only the Taoist takes the middle path, the path of least resistance.)
  58. Think Small for Big Profits (Business). (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (In business & in life do as little as possible for as much as possible.)
  59. Network Marketing: I never Work So Hard for So Little. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (It is a total con in every aspect & they try to fool you every time but with the same results.)
  60. A man is rich by the Possessions He can afford not to Own.(Walden’s Pond – H. Thoreau)
    (To learn to live with nothing you become rich free of desires & their possessions that enslave you.)
  61. A Thousand Friends is not enough but One Enemy is too many. (Taoist Master Chia)
    (This is my favorite line from MC as he deals with 1000 of people all over the world every year.)
  62. Keep your Gun Loaded but your Powder Dry. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (Always have sexual energy ready but never lose it (Big Draw) only for your internal health.)
  63. I have Real Bullets in My Gun so when I pull out my gun you either Duck or Drop. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (I am serious guy especially about money & my time so never play me about that because you will always lose.)
  64. My mother said the most profound thing to me just before she died, “You know after 60 Years I do not know Anything.  When I was young what was right is wrong now & what was wrong is right now”. (M. R. Weston)
    (My mother had wisdom of a child & expressed it so beautifully even in her last hours.)
  65. Gilreath always said that men are simple & the 3 things that they enjoy most in life that they like doing better than anything else are in this order: “There is nothing like a Good Piece of Ass, There is nothing like a Good Meal & There is nothing like a Good Shit.” And I told him those are the 1st things to go functionally in your body (genitals, stomach and bowels) in that order then it is time to leave this planet when all that breaks down. (Taoists – W.U. Wei & B. S. Gilreath -The Swami)
    (My old running buddy (25 years) really understood life in its real terms & expressed it so profoundly.
  66. When you try to win on anything in life always Play for a Tie, which is a great victory. (El Zorro’s Partner – Roy “Boy” Landry)
    (Roy always played for a tie knowing realistically victories were few & far between so he survived.)
  67. In every situation in life the glass is either half empty or have full.  It is the same glass so the Taoist decides to always Look at the Glass (Situation) as Half Full. It is the same glass. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (The Taoist always sees the glass half full because there is always positive side to everything & if that is all you look for that is all you will ever see.)
  68. When one asks to have a pit stop (Leak) & you say why do not you hold it & El Zorro would say Why Be Uncomfortable. (Practicing Taoist – El Zorro)
    (El Zorro had great understanding of what it was to be comfortable & lived his life in moderation to be comfortable.)
  69. You Cannot Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.  An old dog is going to do what they have always done even if they look different or say they are going to do something different. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (Once you are over 35 without any changes you will not be able to change because the body has been moving in one direction for too long & to reverse takes too much energy for the tired body, mind & spirit.)
  70. Why be uncomfortable?  You really know how to hurt a guy! It could not happen to a nicer fella! (Practicing Taoist – El Zorro)
    (These quotes from my father, the “Doc” when he had to go to the men’s room, when someone put him down & when a bad guy got his just deserts.)
  71. If you Live Long Enough you see everything so the Key to Life is to Live Long. (Taoist-W.U. Wei)
    (This was brilliant because as you live life you see truth come out & what is correct & what is not.)
  72. You can tell a person to go to hell in such a way they will ask you which way. It all how you explain it but in the same breath you can explain to a person in such a way how to get to heaven and they will not go because it is all based on the feeling you give them especially to women because their thinking is based on feeling. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (This was brilliant because it gets you out of a lot of bad situations but you also have to careful how you explain things because it can get you into bad situations.)
  73. The Old & the Young Bull were standing on the hill & they looked down the valley and they saw down there. The young bull said to the old bull, “Let’s run down there & get one of those cows”. And the old bull started walking and said to the young bull, ”Why do not walk down and get them all.” (Taoist – B. S. Gilreath -The Swami)
    (This is the difference between an old person (wisdom) & a young person (young & stupid) spoken by a great friend & one of knowledge, understand & wisdom.)
  74. It takes a “Lean Horse for a Long Race”. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (After studying health & longevity for 50 years the only thing I know is this fact that the lighter you weight the longer you will live no matter what you eat to get there & maintain it.)
  75. We Live in a Molecular Sea. (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
    (We live in an illusionary world trapped in time & space by our five sense when in fact (true reality) we live in a molecular sea of repeat energy patterns that follow contumeliously.  With this understanding we can live effortlessly throughout our journey just by studying and contacting with the patterns and that is the path of the Tao.)
  76. Your True Reality is achieved when the Gift of Who You are is Honestly Shared with Others.   (Taoist – W.U. Wei)
  77. Only speak with simple words for the minds of others are unclear which allows you to disappear.
  78. Your True Reality is achieved when the gift of who you are is honestly shared with others.

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