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Master Chia first introduced me to the Universal Healing Tao Senior Instructors in 1984 with Gunther Weil & Rylin Malone. I have studied with all of them (57) all over the world as of 3/31/04 and helped many of them through certification requirements and training become Senior Instructors under Master Chia. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience working with them and their many different approaches to teaching the Universal Healing System. At this point I do not know how UHT Senior Instructors there are now because they have changed the requirements and I moved from Tao Garden, the Universal Healing Tao World Headquarters in 2004. 

Please read through the list and my comments in the following 4 pages of the early Senior Instructors that help build the whole Universal Healing Tao System with Master Chia over the passed 40 years.

Your Friend in the Tao,

The Professor (Wei Tzu)

Master of Nothingness

The Myth that takes the Mystery out of Mysticism

Senior Instructors (57):

(These are the Original 12 Senior Instructors in complete order of appointment.) 10-25-04

1) Gunther Weil (01/23/37) (P) Journalist – Fire/Rat (Jewish American) (C) 4 of Diamonds

(His Toronto, CA (10/1984) HT workshop was the first one I ever took & walked away from it shaking my head not understanding any of it because of my catholic background. I survived & later we met again at the Big Indian, NY HT Retreat & invited him to teach in Detroit twice.  He was brilliant, graceful & a humorous man (looked like Soupy Sales) who over matched MC with his intelligence & savvy. He taught as a professor at Harvard with Timothy O’Leary experimenting with LSD & eastern religions. He later got together with Rylin Malone as teaching partner & personal companion which lasted until her death. I have continued to stay in contract with him over the years, which he is now just a consultant, practicing Buddhist & has remarried. He is still quick, smart & fun loving after a break with MC after many years over lifestyles.)

2) Rylin Malone (12/17/49-03/21/93) (P) Absentminded Professor – Earth/Buffalo (American) (C) Ace of Clubs

(She had a lot of energy & was very helpful & supportive toward the new students & instructors.  She was a good partner with Gunther but she had some emotional problems with the disconnection of her daughter, which caused her death because she would not let go. The last time I saw her she personally thanked me for all my help to the UHT system.)

3) Juan Li (4/21/46) (P) Worrywart- Fire/Dog (Chinese-Cuban) (C) King of Clubs

(He is a terrific guy who is well schooled in the Tao in every aspect from Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, I Ching, Dream Practices & the Higher Level Meditations.  He is really a Taoist Master himself & is ready to break out on his own creating his own system after 4 years teaching with MC then 20 years himself on his own European Tour who draws as much as MC but he does not do it as much.  Personally, he is a real Taoist with his practice & lifestyle except for his marriage with Rene that finally after 15 years ended in divorce.)

4) Albert Chan (Chinese)

(Albert was one of MC’s first Chinese students in NY city who was the only one to stay with him for the next 30 years after doing some teaching but mainly as a student working in the computer business & married having a family.  He put together an astrology program for MC but it took about 15 years & never really worked correctly.)

5) Michael Winn (09/05/51) (P) Sly Fox – Metal/Rabbit (Walsh) (C) 6 of Diamonds

(He is a very clever, intellectual con artist but a brilliant instructor from the mental approach but with no heart or feeling who graduated from Dartmouth College (1973). He married to Joy Gayheart, Fledenchrist practitioner in 1990 which she died in 2008 & before to Ethiopian woman that he opened a restaurant in NY city where he owned the building & lived upstairs before he sold it for $2,000,000 to a Japanese group then lost all the stock fund along with my $10,000 Winn investment according to him.)

6) Ron Diana (02/03/46-07/01/05) (P) Confessor – Fire/Dog (American) (C) 9 of Spades

(He was a big supporter of MC throughout the years (early HT & MC’s Divorce) but in the end he went his own way & wanted nothing to do with MC. He was kind but a clever man who was out for himself though a very CNT practitioner but not very good in Chi Kung or Tai Chi with his New Jersey massage school.)

7) Josf Dellgrotte (01/10/36) (P) Dictator – Fire/Boar (American) (C) 4 of Spades

(He was a very quite, caring man who was around in the early part of HT but had no real impact on the practices.)

8) Rene Navarro (10/6/40) (P) Social Climber – Metal/Dragon (Philippine) (C) 3 of Diamonds

(He was a real dragon conning women first with my friend, Marybeth Soares (Tiger) then 20 years later with Muriel Kirton having her buy a condo at TG in his name while he was still married to a Philippine woman but was a good martial artist & supporter of MC also one of my 1st HT retreat instructor who 1st failed me.)

9) Renu (Ute) Li (07/07/62) (P) Servant – Water/Tiger (German) (C) 8 of Diamonds

(She is the Real Tiger Lady with all the claws & strips hustling every guy in town & married Li to give her credibility & discipline but she showed her strips in the end (divorce).  I really like her as her Tiger brother knowing all her tricks & dramas leading her to what she wants at the expensive of anyone in her way.  She did become the best woman UHT instructor you can ever want, a true professional but do not try to have a personal relationship with her; she will eat you alive.)

10) Jampa Mackenzie Stewart (02/20/51) (P) Character – Metal/Rabbit (Irish American) (C) 5 of Diamonds

(He is a wonderful, intelligent, sincere, gentle & thoughtful man (excellent Taoist writer) who was my early Taoist HT instructor & evaluator.  We always had fun together the few times we were together.)

11) Michael Hamilton (1945) (P)  – Wood/Rooster (American)

(He was not only 1st class character who just took whatever he could by manipulating the Chias but he was an arrogant jerk as well who excepted people to bow & pay homage to him.  He disappeared finally as he tried to get MC to house his victims at TG.)

12) William U. Wei (00/00/00) (P) Wizard of Oz-Pisces Moon-Metal/Tiger (American) (C) King of Diamonds

(Senior UHT Instructor & Inner Alchemy Instructor)

13) Lewis Shen (10/01/37) (P) Social Worker – Fire/Buffalo (Chinese) (C) 8 of Diamonds

(This guy was a quiet college professor (USF) but very disarming as he divorced Angel Wu & moved to Hong Kong & married a young gal in retirement. I did not know him too well but he was always kind & patience with me.)

14) Angela Wu (1947) (P) – Fire/Boar (Chinese)

(She is a real boar – sweet & fun loving but loves pleasure as I heard later from Walter Beckley & their affair together – the rooster had his hands full with the boar.  Early on with HT she was a great supporter with MC & CNT which she acquiesced of having an affair with MC by his wife but she runs a professional healing client & school.)

15) Chong-Mi Mueller (10/15/40) (P) Rabble Rouser – Metal/Dragon (Korean) (C) Queen of Clubs

(She was a real trip with her German husband, Mannford & buying their TG condo but she was one of the best CNT practitioners & healers in the UHT System but she was always too caught up with her family & out for herself.)

16) Beate Nimsky (1951) (P) – Metal/Rabbit (German)

(She was a good gal who was a very professional dedicated student & later instructor with a good sense of humor.)

17) Annette Derksen (10/11/40) (P) Martyr – Metal/Dragon (Dutch) (C) Jack of Clubs

(She is my old UHT & TG friend where I loved having evening herbal tea with her at her Townhouse (2) & talking over the TG events & her family like I did with mother 20 years before.  She was an excellent conversationalist & listener with great insight & wisdom; I miss her. She was a real professional practitioner (over coming a lot of diseases), instructor (Holland Teaching Center with course curriculum) & a Taoist scholar.)

18) David (Verdesi) Shen (11/15/76) (P) Sleuth – Fire/Dragon (Italian)(C) 5 of Clubs

(This guy was a legend in his own mind but a gifted martial artist though too young to understand life’s realities & limitations causing a lot of problems for anyone close to him or working with him.  I enjoyed his company but stayed clear of any of his activities like an older brother watching from afar.)

19) Gianni Dell’Orto (01/09/40) (P) Sage – Metal/Rabbit(Italian) (C) 5 of Spades

(He was a kind, friendly old man looking for inner peace & the Tao.  He was bright & fun loving – a real Italian.)

20) Peter Kontaxakis (08/16/64) (P) Adventurer – Wood/Dragon (Greek) (C) 10 of Clubs

(He was a tremendous athlete (Greek Olympian Pole Vaulter) even though he never made it to the Olympics but he trained for it at TG & Greece as a postman who never worked there.  He was a Taoist scholar & Chi Kung artist who was always searching for the next new book & style.  He had one unbelievable experience when he killed his ex-wiife’s lover (2 children) then he had realized he had to relieve him after he strangled him & he did but changed him forever more.)

21) Carsten Dohnke (07/05/63) (P) Romantic – Water/Rabbit(German) (C) 10 of Diamonds

(He was a pleasant, kind & an excellent martial artist with a loving heart, who became a tremendous instructor & healer.)

22) Marco Bizzozero (07/06/64) (P) Well Stocked Cupboard – Wood/Dragon (Italian) (C) 9 of Diamonds

(He was a self appointed Italian leader of the Tao who ran into political opposition which cause a big convict that ended in complete resolve then we never heard from him again.)

23) Marga Vianu (10/27/28) (P) Individual – Earth/Dragon(Swiss French) (C) 8 of Hearts

(She was an older woman who was very professional in her teaching & understandings with a fare of elegance.)

24) Barbara Kerslake (11/28/38) (P) Trail Blazer – Earth/Tiger (Canadian) (C) 5 of Hearts

(She was a dear, quite woman who had the best 6 Healing Sounds T-Shirts & Sweats as we did MC workshops in Toronto.)

25) Nicole Tremblay (08/14/37) (P) Adventurer – Fire/Buffalo (French Canadian) (C) Queen of Clubs

(She was a real French Canadian from Quebec City & a real professional as an instructor & businesswoman (Center).)

26) Josette Susini (04/07/37) (P) Visionary – Fire/Buffalo (French) (C) Ace of Spades

(She was a sweet, sincere & gentle person who practices what she preached & a dedicated student of the Tao. )

27) Masahiro Ouchi  (03/06/53) (P) Hurricane – Water/Snake (Japanese) (C) 4 of Spades

(He is a quite, gentle, sincere man who is a tremendous practitioner & generous, caring friend.(Tao Brother)

28) Eric Edelstein (Jewish American)

(He was New York Jewish attorney who helped MC out in the early HT years then later became a nut on the Internet with his dying wife (catholic) who said she & he were going to hell because she married a non-Catholic then he remarried a young gal.)

29) Sharon Smith (06/25/51) (P) Holier than Thou – Metal/Rabbit (Jewish American) (C) 5 of Clubs

(She is a calculating person who first started with MC in the early 80s then disappeared for 10 years & came back to become a senior & started teaching again with MC annual NY workshops & Taoist trips to the Caribbean.)

30) Barbara Peter (04/12/51-11/4/09) (P) Cowardly Lion – Metal/Rabbit (Swiss German) (C) 9 of Diamonds

(She was a bright, enthusiastic person with joy of the Tao & my first & only Taoist Dual Cultivation experience which was like heaven & I thought we would be together forever then I found out she was giving these experiences to everyone at the retreat. But she blindly went into life without any reality of what was going around her though she did marry an African American, Robert Woodbine, started a Swiss UHT Center in her hometown then fought cancer after being a breathetartian then sadly died.)

31) Marie Favorito (06/26/55) (P) Organization Man – Wood/Ram (Portuguese American) (C) 4 of Clubs

(She was a real dedicated practitioner & instructor (Boston Center) in a light hearted fun loving way with her partner, Jamie Culbertson (05/02/56) (P) Reformer- Monkey who has sponsored MC’s annual Boston workshop for 25 years.)

32) Marcia Kermit (03/11/38-12/04/09) (P) Settler – Earth/Tiger (Jewish American) (C) Queen of Diamonds

(She was the big Tiger lady who made herself heard no matter who was listening.  I like her because I was her little Tiger brother & helped her with her Tai Chi so she could become a senior as I stay with her for 2 week (3/1994) while studying CNT with Gilles Marin.  We used to go to this super Chinese vegetarian restaurant for great dinners in Berkley near Sunim.)

33) Gabrielle Krebbers (02/23/61) (P) Fast Talker – Metal/Buffalo (German) (C) 2 of Diamonds

(She was a very sly, talented instructor who was dedicated practitioner & instructor planning her way to becoming a senior along the way had an affair with Lee Holden on his TG teaching trip then settled in New Zealand to teach.)

34) Dirk Oellibrandt (09/12/56) (P) Self Made Person – Fire/Monkey (Belgium) (C) Queen of Clubs

(He was a hard worker entrepreneur who started a UHT center in Belgium & sponsor MC workshops for years while writing a book to co-author with MC then becoming a senior on the way through UHT politics but never losing sight of his goals.)

35) Harold Lee Holden Jr. (02/03/68) (P) Analyst – Earth/Monkey(American) (C) 9 of Spades

(He is my personal student & little Tao brother who came to the HT summer retreat straight out Cal Berkley University as a physical therapist (Soccer Player & HS DB) that I met at Big Indian (7/90) with his brother, Shain, friend, & sister, Karlee.  He was a little puppy dog with all his questions about the Tao & I feed him like a good master.  Later I traveled to his hometown Los Gatos, CA to his group & family (father, Lee Sr. & mother, Karen) CNT while getting him involved with UT publications as an editor, writer & later a co-author along with become TG condo owner.  On his part he got his acupuncture CA license, opened a Santa Cruz UHT Center (Building), PBS TV contract through DVD Simple Chi Kung sales, became a published author ($125,000 signing), & married (09/11/98) his HS sweetheart, Lisa (2/22/73) then had twins, Lainey & Maile (02/05/08).  He has been a busy boy & my greatest teaching accomplishment but he did the work.)

36) Minke de Vos (7/13/55) (P) Well Stocked Cupboard – Wood/Ram (Dutch Canadian) (C) 2 of Diamonds

(She & her husband, Christer Ekstron opened & ran a Taoist Hermit’s Retreat Center in isolation outside of Vancouver, CA until they divorced & sold it.  She is pleasant but totally full of herself went I initially met her; since then after the breakup & open heart surgery she is much more grounded & open but still self centered when in her activities.)

37) Andrew Jan (03/15/58) (P) Reformer – Earth/Dog (Chinese Australian) (C) 8 of Diamonds

(He is a fun loving, loyal dog who is a family man but serious practitioner & professional.  I have had great fun with him on trips with his wife & writing books. We rode together with El Zorro & his wife in the Snowy Mts, Australia (3/00) then later (6/10) he came to my mountain for a great time practicing together.) (Tao Brother)

38) Renato Ravasio (04/30/58) (P) Mr. Nice Guy – Earth/Rabbit (Swiss German) (C) 4 of Clubs

(He is loyal, dedicated, serious practitioner who is a world wind of activity but warm, sensitive & gentle man.)(Tao Brother)

39) Felix Senn (12/14/59) (P) Blithe Spirit – Earth/Boar (Swiss German)(C) 4 of Clubs

(I enjoy him the most because he is the life of the party & the happiest & most carefree person I know who is loving, concerned, & a gentle person.  He can work hard but is the best person to have fun being with.) (Tao Brother)

40) Walter Beckley (09/11/57) (P) Rabble Rouser – Fire/Rooster (African American) (C) King of Clubs

(My 1st Tao Brother who is kind, gentle & sincere practitioner but the cock of the barnyard & dear friend that I did a few Chicago HT workshops with in the nineties. He went to my Healthforce Center in Detroit & studied with Sunim when he was there & has traveled with me to Thailand & LA for business workshops.) (Tao Brother)

41) Barry Spendlove (12/10/48) (P) Tatter – Earth/Rat (Welch) (C) 8 of Clubs

(Barry is a terrific, kind, sincere person that I spend 2 weeks together with him on our Earthstar pilgrimage through England (Winnie the Poo’s field), Wales (hillside) & Ireland (Carnes meditation sites) while teaching to his students.)(Tao Brother)

42) Walter Kellenberger (12/31/50) (P) Socialite – Metal/Tiger (Swiss German) (C) Joker

(He is my Tiger brother who is a kind, supportive, honest & gentleman with his snake lady, wife.  I spend a week with them in their four- plex on the Grand Blue in Spain teaching them Tai Chi III & all the great times we had at Tao Garden.)(Tao Brother)

43) Jutta Kellenberger(05/11/53) (P) Rock of Gibraltar – Water/Snake (German) (C) 8 of Diamonds

(She really is a dingbat, who makes her a lot of fun but good hearted & a sincere practitioner & instructor trying to do the best she can do. She is a solid person who can be counted on to do what is right for the good of all.)

44) Dena Saxer (10/01/39) (P) Hedonist – Earth/Rabbit(Jewish Canadian) (C) 8 of Diamonds

(She was an earlier student who slowly got certificated & in the end I trained her for the Tai Chi Certification & became a Senior Instructor.  She wrote the “Transforming Stress into Vitality” UT book & later rewrote it & published it (Doug Abrams) again but as a co-author with MC.)

45) Christano Palazzini (Italian)

(He is a very nice Italian guy that we did MC workshops with in Rome who helped resolve the UT politics there.)

46) Gilles Marin (7/15/56) (P) Cobra – Fire/Monkey (French) (C) King of Clubs

(He is a master of the Chi Nei Tsang with a touch approach & has taught all over the world.  He became an author with 2 published books on CNT.  I studied with him (3/94) before I went to Thailand & was surprised he did not know many of the techniques that I learn from MC & relied on touch for therapy, but he is always a lot of fun & good to be with.)

47) Christer Ekstron (5/5/43) (P) Busybody – Wood/Ram (Dutch Canadian) (C) Ace of Spades

(He was Minke’s (lost soul) husband who was lost in his own energy working with energy sounds to get into higher levels of meditation but she wanted to run a retreat center in the Canadian wilderness.  They soon separated.)

48) Robert Stooss (1961) (P) – Metal/Buffalo (German)

(He had a lot of trouble with MC & the other senior instructors (Renu) in the beginning & left the UHT system for awhile then came back to teach in Germany when all was forgiven & forgotten. He is a very dedicated & strict practitioner.)

49) Janette Nutis (7/22/58) (P) Organization Man – Earth/Dog(Mexican) (C) 6 of Clubs

(She worked very hard as a TG trainee & helped out at the Mexican MC workshops & eventually because a senior.  She was a nice pleasant person who loved the practices & the system.)

50) Wilbert Wils (12/28/39) (P) Dictator – Earth/Rabbit(Dutch) (C) 3 of Hearts

(I first met Wilbert at Vassar College in 1994 UT summer retreat after he bought 2 TG Townhouses (11 & 12) then moved to TG.  He was never please with the way MC & his ex-wife ran the garden & was his nemeses but when he was there took advantage of the teachings & slowly became a senior with a background in CNT.  He was always friendly to me & valued my teaching & opinions.  He indirectly got involved with Georg Tobler’s Thai Investments as I did but unfortunately did not get his principle funds ($300,000) out of the investments (I did-$100,000) & lost them (his retirement) except for $35,000 as a down payment for a Portland home with his new wife, Saumya (I went to their wedding (8/04) then divorced 12/09.  He has let go of the whole experience & has moved on in his life with his practice (40 day Canadian fast on a 2 year retreat) & teaching in Europe.)

51) Saumya (Comer) Wils (02/13/54) (P) Stiff Upper Lip – Wood/Horse(American) (C) Queen of Diamonds

(She first came to TG instructor training & made friends with me, Laurenc & Roland from Holland as they were trainees.  She was a lot of fun and we remain colleagues.  She is a brilliant practitioner especially in massage (CNT & KNT) & a warm, loving person, whom I have always gotten along with.)

52) Kris North (05/6/41) (P) Voice of Experience – Metal/Snake (English) (C) King of Diamonds

(He is a very interest guy who I first met at Tao Garden as he appeared to be a penniless wandering Taoist traveling through Asia then he later became the Head England organizator for MC London workshops with great success.  Then out of the blue he came up with a book he co-authored with MC “Touch of Sex” & another “Taoist Medicine Wheel” that I got IT contracts for.)

53) Michael Dauria (09/16/39) (P) Sly Fox – Earth/Rabbit (American) (C) 8 of Clubs

(Mike became an instructor early on & study with a lot of other Taoist masters especially the Sun Do system. Then he decided to become a senior & I helped him fulfill the requirements to his delight. He is a nice, personable guy.)

54) Sergey Oreshkin (05/22/61) (P) Mediator – Metal/Buffalo(Russian) (C) 10 of Clubs

(Sergey is the Big, White Russian (Former Rowing Russian Olympian) who came to TG for instructor training & could not speak English (he brought a Russian friend, Andrey Shakhov to translate for him).  After becoming an instructor he tried to convince me to have MC come to Moscow to teach a workshop, I told him MC would never go because it is too cold there but he insisted so I said if he could promise us 1,000 people MC would come.  He did but only 650 people (500 at an open auditorium came which turn out to be our best money take ($32,000) for a week in the history of MC’s tour plus we went into the Russian steam bath then the snow & having Russian red caviar. So it all worked out & MC has come back every year since & Servey has built his center while becoming the Russian publisher for our UHT books.  He later had me teach there too in the fall & I got him to get certified for a senior so he could teach for himself, which he did with great success. He also married Angelica Snitko at TG  (1/1/00) & they built a home outside of Moscow with wooden Russian sauna steam bath.)

56) Maria Churaeva (05/14/49) (P) Big Spender – Earth/Buffalo (Russian) (C) 5 of Diamonds

(She came to the system first as a translator for MC & my Moscow workshops being an investment stock fund consultant handling millions of dollars in investments.  She later became an instructor & married Sergey 10 years his senior after he divorced his wife, Angelica Snitko & helped Sergey (financially) set up his UHT Moscow Center while buying 3 TG condominiums for her investors.  Finally, she bought our Townhouse 4 (2/15/04) for $135,000 to cement her connection to Sergey, TG & the UHT System.  She is a very savvy businesswoman who later got her requirements to become a senior and now retired to enjoy her life with Servey & the Tao after she & Servey set up a Moscow Tao village resort community.)

57) Tiffany Fyans (11/13/66) (P) Forerunner – Fire/Horse (C) 7 of Clubs

(I first met her in a San Francisco CNT training (3/1994) which she (Plain Jane Type) was an assistant.  We went on a bike ride in the Golden Gate Bridge Park but I never felt anything special with her & decided just to be friends. I later connected with her as a co-author with MC (CNT III) after she became a very accomplished CNT Practitioner & Instructor with a big following all over the world but she remained a down to earth gal.)


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