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sun_do_coverSun Do Cards Introduction:

After studying and working with the Sun Do practice I discovered a different approach of internal breathing. I was fascinated and intrigued by these techniques and postures. Over the years I have discovered these techniques have helped me in my Taoist practices and I am here ready to share them with you.

    First I discovered that the Sun Do practice consists of breathing postures, which have been handed down through the centuries in a teacher-student relationship. The ability of students to master these breathing techniques gives them the opportunity to experience their own self-realization or enlightenment. Like my fellow students I have worked for years with these postures and through my perseverance came to develop, with Sunim, Formula Cards (Sun Do Cards) to assist me in my practice. Instead of fumbling through the book, as I once did, you can now simply have a Sun Do card available to help you complete each level and proceed much more smoothly in your practice.

     When we work in the Sun Do System we are working with internal and external breathing. The word in the Tao for true breathing is “Sun Do”, thus the Sun Do Cards are breathing posture cards. Through the Sun Do Cards you will become aware of your own energy and the energy around you. After discovering your own energy you can use the sun do cards to
help purify, transform, crystallize, regenerate and transcend your energy and further discover its relationship to the energy surrounding you. On the first level of the sun do system consists of twenty five (25) Postures based on and corresponding to the Sun Do Book. The sun do cards are the size of playing cards, which are easy to read, and you can easily carry anywhere you go. So you can practice anywhere – just bring your Sun Do Cards. On each side of the cards it gives the posture in progression for each of the five levels which is as follows: Jung-Ki Dan-Boub Jeon Pyen (25 Postures); Jung-Ki Dan-Boub Hoo Pyen (25 Postures); Keoni-Kon Dan-Boub (23 Postures); Won-Ki Dan-Boub (365 Postures); Jin-Ki Dan-Boub (5 Postures).

    This is a very unique and practical way of approaching and working with your practice based on the clear and simple Five Taoist Teachings: Correct Mind with the sincere and true mind of the heavenly beings, Correct View closely examine all things of heaven with accurate and true vision, Correct Learning and obtain genuine realization of the truth. Correct Path if you perform the duties of heavenly beings, you can follow the true path. Correct Action does not follow a path, which is even slightly false, but remains always on the true path. You will enjoy using your Sun Do Cards because they will simplify your understanding and practice of the postures, which will allow you to focus on your own essence.

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