W.U. Wei Daily Personal Practices

The Way of the Tao:
Practice – Practice – Practice – Practice – Practice – Practice

    In the realms of time mythical schools, religions, governments and now corporations influenced us. They convinced us to give them, our time and energy (Essence), for the good of others, but mostly for themselves. They promise they will take care of us or save us.  When we give everything to them, we have no time or energy left for ourselves, and in the end we have nothing except their promises.  Other systems taught us how to cultivate, and grow our energy like a seed into a tree, but after a while, they told us they need our energy for the good of others, and they convinced us to give them our tree for their own use.  And other systems even went further, showing us how to grow flowers from our tree; and after the flowers blossom, they have us pick them only for their beauty and sell them to others.  But the Tao teaches us not only how to plant (Root), and grow our seed (Energy or Essence) into a tree, but also how to sexually cultivate and flower the seed to bear fruit, without losing our essence (Original Seed).  Our tree (Cultivated Energy) will bear fruit by the hundreds, so we have an abundance to share, and give to others who are sincere and deserving.  Now think: in each piece of fruit that we bear, how many seeds are in it to share?  So, if we cultivate our original seed in the Tao, instead of giving it away as other systems advise, we can now share thousands of seeds for the good of others, and never lose our original seed (Essence).  This is the Way of the Tao.

Your Friend in the Tao,
The Professor (Wei Tzu)
Master of Nothingness
The Myth that takes the Mystery out of Mysticism

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