Taoist Words to Live By – The Poem that Never Stops Giving

Today I begin a New Life. I will replace my bad habits
With Good Habits and becoming their slave.
My vigor, enthusiasm and desire will increase
And overcome all my fears and I will be Happier than ever before.

Today I will Greet all I Encounter with Love & Praise in my Heart
Melting their hearts by silently saying I love you
In my eyes, smile and voice,
Especially to myself by Respecting what enters my Being.

Today I will Persist until I Succeed, which could be the very next step.
Repeated simple steps complete any task.
I will toil & endure accepting my daily tests knowing by the law of numbers,
If I persist long enough I will succeed.

Today I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle
I am rare creature conceived in love and born with a purpose.
No one has ever been like me before or after.
I will exercise my uniqueness & unlimited potential daily with grace and good manners.

Today I will Live this Day as if it is my Last
And if not I will give thanks. Yesterday is gone and
Tomorrow is not here. Today’s hours are my eternity,
They will not return so I will waste no time.

Today I will be Master of My Emo­tions by balancing my moods
Which rise and fall. I will manage them with joy and enthusiasm
By my Positive Actions
That control my thoughts and my destiny.

Today I will Laugh at my Myself and my World.
By smiling & chuckling I will never be poor and I will improve my digestion & longevity.
Offenses will not harm me nor will Success burden me for They Too Shall Pass
And I will always remain a child at Heart by painting my day with Laughter.

Today I will Multiply My Value a Hundredfold by setting and announcing
My Life Goals, daily, weekly, monthly & yearly crystallizing my intentions & objectives
Never proclaiming my accomplishments while humility accepting any praise
But always reaching beyond my grasp to fulfill my dreams.

Today I will Act Now.
My dreams are powerless, my plans are dust & my goals are impossible having
No value unless they are followed by my Action which brightens my world.
Success does not wait so everything I do begins Now.
Do it Now. Do it Now. Do it Now. Do it Now. Do it Now.

Today I will Pray for Guidance to show me the Way (The Tao)
To obtain my objectives by confronting my fears,
Recognizing opportunities, making strangers into my friends
And always count my blessings.

The Professor
Master of Nothingness
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