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W. U. Wei - Detroit Zoo, 1995Born after World War I, growing up in the Midwest area of the United States, trained in Catholicism; this student of the Tao started studying under Master Mantak Chia in the early 1980s and in the later 1980s became a Senior Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao (specializing on one on one training). In the early 1990s this Senior Instructor moved to Tao Garden, Thailand, and assisted Master Mantak Chia in building the 80 acres Tao Garden Taoist Training Center. For the next six years this student of the Tao travelled to over 30 countries teaching with Master Mantak Chia and serving as Marketing and Construction Coordinator for the Tao Garden. Upon completion of Tao Garden in December 2000 he became Project Manager (winter) for the all Universal Tao Publications and products (coordinating the completion of an additional 50 titles). With the purchase of a mountain having four waterfalls in Southern Oregon, USA (late 1990s) this practitioner is presently (summer) completing a Taoist Mountain Sanctuary for personal cultivation, Higher Level practices and ascension. The co-author of “Living in the Tao”, the twelve Taoist poetry books of over 1,200 poems “Emerald River” expressing the feeling, essence and stillness of the Tao; and co-creator of the Universal Tao formula cards, “Chi Cards” (6 sets of over 240 formulas) with Master Mantak Chia under the pen name the “The Professor – Master of Nothingness”, the Myth that takes the Mystery out of Mysticism. William U. Wei also known as Wei Tzu is a pen name for this instructor so the instructor can remain anonymous and can continue to become a blade of grass in a field of grass.

W. U. Wei - Meditation Face

William Ugo Wei (The Professor – Wei Tzu) is the pen name for the Universal Healing Tao Instructor  who has written over twenty-four books (self-published) and co-authored with Master Chia twelve books (published by Inner Traditions »).

The Professor’s journey in the Tao start at a young age as he sit on the pouch of his mother’s house for his first four years of his life and never ventured off. Years later his mother ask him why he never left that pouch at that early age and he said without thinking I did make it and I am back here again. Later as an adult he went to an Edgar Cayce like psychic who could read past lives and told him he was an old soul having over a thousand lives with about 50% of men and women lives with a slight edge of male lives. The psychic further told him that his last sojourn was about 180 years ago as a Native American medicine man in northern New Hampshire. He never recalled any of this but he always had a feeling that there was something more to his life and searched for answers to that feeling inside him of who he was and where he is going.

Then after a life changing experience at the age of twenty-five his life he went into a completely different direction from his normal, conventional lifestyle and upbringing. He start to read books about a different way of doing and thinking which lead him to a healthy lifestyle of weekly running, non-drinking, celibacy, non-drugs and vegetarianism. He lost over a hundred pounds and felt and look like seventeen again. As his lifestyle progressed he relocated and reconnected to his family and assisted them in their trials and tribulations. At this new location he started to meet others of like-mind and then met two aspiring authors trying to publish their health book. He had their book published and assist them in their book sells which brought him to more like-minded people. In this health book the last two chapters were on the Tao and its way; and he kept read those chapters over and over but he could never understand the Tao. So, one of the authors told him to read a book called, “Taoist Secrets of Love” (The Purple Book) by Mantak Chia that would help him understand the Tao. He read it and never read anything like it about areas he ever thought existed. He was fascinated by the book and call New York where the author had an office. They said that he was not there and was teaching in another part of the country. Jon was excited that the author was teaching because many authors do not teach. They further explained that Master Chia does not teach in the Midwest where he lived but the closest he teaches to there is Toronto, Canada and would not be teaching there for a few more months but two of his Senior Instructors would teaching there this month. So Jon rode on a train from Detroit, Michigan to Toronto and took the workshop. After the workshop he walked away shaking his head not understanding anything they said and went back to Detroit. Then after a while sitting in his room he kept looking at that purple book and said there is something here, so he called New York again and they said Master Chia would be in Toronto teaching the same workshop in a month. So, Jon went to Toronto again and took the same workshop, Living in the TaoHealing Tao Level I November 19, 1984 but from Master Chia. Jon loved what he had to say and how he said it; especially stating that he was going to become an Immortal changing his physical body into his spirit body. Jon never met anyone that ever say that in public ever though he had read about it many times so an aspiring student he asked Master Chia what he could do. Master Chia told him five things: Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice. What Master Chia was saying was once you practice on a daily basis all the questions about the Tao will be answered. So, out of respect for Master Chia and his Immortal quest after returning to Detroit Jon decided to start his daily practice. It was difficult because of all his external activities like running five businesses, family member activates, global horseback trial riding, weekly road running and in and out of several sexual relationships. It took a year and a half but Jon managed to do his daily practice and has continued for the last twenty-six years. It became a part of his life like brushing your teeth every morning; if you do not do it you do not feel right and go back home and brush your teeth. He discovered early morning was the best time to do his daily practice doing it before your daily activities over took your day. During this period he went to weekend workshops taught by Master Chia in various cities in eastern United States, summer retreats in Upper State New York (Catskill Mountains) and winter retreats in Southern Thailand (Pattaya) which he took many of his girlfriends to see and experience them as well. He thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the teachings not only for the practices but it was so out of his ordinary life of business and relationships plus meeting new an unusual people from all walks of life as the Tao embraces everyone.

After five years Master Chia keep see him at all these workshops and retreat and ask Jon why he never became a Healing Tao instructor and he told Master Chia he did not think he was ready. But Master Chia said he was ready and he should come next summer and complete the three weeks of training required for certification. Jon was not totally convinced but if he was ever going to understand the Tao the best way would be to try to explain the Tao to another person so he decided to go to that Instructor Training in summer of 1989. He took the required three week and participated in the testing. The instructors who tested him said he was not ready and should back next year to be tested again. To Jon this did not made any sense especially since the founder, Master Chia said he was ready but it was ok for him because he would be back next summer for retreats anyways. Master Chia saw him a few days later and ask him how he did and Jon said he failed and they told him come back next year. Master Chia said that is impossible and said he would talk to them and have him be reevaluated. Jon retook the test and passed finding out the reason they initially failed him was the fact that he knew too much and want him to explain the practice to them as if they knew nothing about the practice. This lesson Jon never forgot and is probably the only instructor in the now Universal Healing Tao who teaches right out of the book from the now famous Chi Cards (UHT Formula Cards) that he help create with Master Chia years later, and approaches every new student as if they know nothing about the Tao or the Universal Healing Tao System.

Sexual ReflexologyWhile teaching the Universal Healing Tao Level I Jon continue taking retreats and workshops while upgrading his UHT certifications and was named to his complete surprise as a Senior Instructor in 1992. Now at time he begin teaching all Levels of the Living Tao (Basic Daily Practices) and continued his studies becoming certificated in all the Universal Healing Tao Healing System three Healing Arts, Chi Nei Tsang I-II-III (Senior Teacher), Cosmic Healing I-II (Senior Teacher) and the Immortal Tao (Senior Inner Alchemy Instructor). Jon also got involved in raising funds for Master Chia’s future Retreat Center which was to be a facility for training future instructors and doing higher level practices with the Darkroom Retreats. This initially started with a personal donation of $2,000 and visits to site locations in Massachusetts, New York and Northern Thailand then finally committing to purchase a $100,000 Townhouse in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 1993. Jon and his Townhouse partner planned to move to Thailand in December of 1994 to assist Master Chia in completing this eighty acre training facility. Before they left they toured the United States from the Midwest to the West Coast, to the South and then up to New York for the last summer retreat in 1994 that Master Chia put on in the states. Attending the final retreat as a Senior Instructor Jon assisted Master Chia in the training and realized that Master Chia needed a salesman to sell the Townhouses and Condominiums to raise the funds needed to finish the Thailand Retreat Center that he was committing to or the project would have failed. So Jon agreed with Master Chia to go on the road with him at Jon’s expense to teach and sell the units. Jon covered his expenses by selling his books on the Tao (Prose and Poetry Books) and Chi Cards (Universal Healing Tao formula cards) which over the years of Jon’s teaching had self-published. Jon’s writing started at the request of one of his students who was a Catholic priest. The young priest was fascinated by Jon’s explanation of the Tao and asked if he could write a book on it. Jon said he could not write anything because his mind works too quick and he leaves words out when he writes anything as can be testified by anyone who has received a letter from him. Plus, he cannot spell because having a photographic memory in grade school he would just photo in his mind the spelling page and write down the words he could see in his mind and get A’s on all his spelling tests but no one taught him how to spell phonetically. But the priest persisted so Jon remembered what his Personology, Robert Whiteside told him years before that he should write a book for credibility to be a world teacher and Jon explained to him the same problem he had just explained to the priest. But Robert said he did not have to write the book that he could just teach the course and have student tape the lecture and transcript it into text. So the priest agreed to do it and that is how Jon wrote twenty-four books on the Tao which came from his discoveries and realizations from his practices, research, teachings and student feedback of the Universal Healing Tao System over the past twenty-four years.

Cosmic NutritionIt took seven years on Master Chia’s European and North American tours with many times sleeping on floors of organizers or sharing rooms with Master Chia to cover expenses but Jon sold all sixty-four units and raised Master Chia close to four million dollars to complete the Tao Garden Training Resort making it a reality ( As you can see Jon has tenacity (The will of a blind man who carries a cripple on his back so he can see) to get the job done and that is exactly what you need to get this mountain project done.

After completing the building of Tao Garden and serving as the head retreat instructor at Tao Garden for six years Jon decided the best way to further assist Master Chia in his Immortality was to manage the written completion of the Universal Healing Tao System which has never been done before in the ten-thousand year history of the Tao. The only reason why Jon has assisted and support Master Chia without any salary over past thirty years of their acquaintance while only being compensated for his efforts by a small percentage of the projects completed after Master Chia has been paid which is a mystery to many people is of gratitude and respect to Master Chia for bringing and explaining the Tao from China to the West but more importantly to Jon. Jon is only person who has taking over five hundred workshops from Master Chia in past thirty years through his own expense initially (ten years), as a teaching assistant with sixty workshops per year on Master Chai’s world tours (six years) and personally sponsoring five of Master Chia’s workshops in Detroit, Michigan and Portland, Oregon. He has also written out by his own hand all the two hundred and forty formulas of the Universal Healing Tao System through the Chi Cards and Project Manager of all fifty Universal Healing Tao books with additional fifty-six related booklets.

When Jon started managing the Universal Tao Publications in 1998, Master Chia had not published a new book in six years because of his involved in building Tao Garden and globe touring to raise the funds to build it. To make matters worse the eight original UHT books that were in print all their computer soft copy had been lost in Master Chia’s move to Thailand from New York where his self-publishing company was formed and operated. Also Master Chia’s contract with his distribution outlet in Pennsylvania had been dissolved. So there were no new books coming out, you could not print the old books and there was no way to distribute them anyways. Sounds like a job for a man with tenacity. Jon was overwhelmed but even working with a non-English speaking Thai staff he had them scan, edited and reformatted all the exist books so they could sell them, started laying out new books from the formulas (Chi Cards) and existing booklets and started looking for a distributor to get the books in the bookstores.

Cosmic AstrologyOver the next fourteen years Jon self-published thirty-six new UHT books with another twenty books to go to complete the Universal Healing Tao System (estimated completion within eight years) and in 2003 obtained a new distributor, Inner Traditions (the largest esoteric distributor in the world) from Rochester, Vermont to publish the whole Universal Healing Tao System. Inner Traditions distributes 1,500 titles a year with sixty new titles coming out including two to four of UHT books annually. Jon had to train two different non-English speaking Thai staffs because of inadequate financial support from Master Chia over that time period to complete these books. This was also accomplished when Jon and his Townhouse partner decided to sell their Tao Garden Townhouse in 2004, so Jon could move to Oregon and focus on the completion of his Sacred Meditation Mountain. While in the past eight since then he has visited Tao Garden and the Thai publication staff every six months to layout Universal Healing Tao Books after he prepared them to be publication with co-authors and personal editing.

During these years while at Tao Garden Jon amazingly found time go back to Southern Oregon and research a high level meditation sites. Then on June 15, 1998 he purchased this magnificent mountain location for the Immortal Tao practices. It is his dream to winterize this isolated pristine wildness with hot showers, composting toilets, camping sites and storage facilities for his documented personal practices and provide these facilities for others to follow their quest for their Immortality. After personal investing over $250,000 in purchasing the land, rebuilding the roads, and flattening camp site areas for the past fourteen years Jon has open it up to others who are like-minded with this website to become part the sacred meditation mountain for the transformation of global consciousness through meditation and chi kung practices. Once this project is completed, within eight years depending on the donations, The Professor feels it would be possible to duplicate this meditation site to different locations all over the world and create a global vortex for this consciousness shift to peace, harmony and goodwill to all humankind.

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