Healing Codes

       This is a complete overview of the Healing Codes System with explanation and commentary from my understandings and practices of its teachings. This is an important technique to transform your memories from a sympathetic (stress) to parasympathetic (healing) response. Each of our cells act like cameras recording every event (memory) in our lives and stores them as pictures (images) in an energy field (aura) around each cell.  Many of them are stored as non-truths or lies that do not apply to the present and they become our repeating belief system. This is critical for the Taoist Higher Level practices (Immortal Tao) to make this transformation of each cell into Immortality.

If any of you have the opportunity and time please read through the overview of the complete Healing Codes System in the following 21 pages.

Your Friend in the Tao,
The Professor (Wei Tzu)
Master of Nothingness
The Myth that takes the Mystery out of Mysticism

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