Become Part of Mountain

donate_now_buttonDonate $10 and will receive a Rock on the Sacred Mountain for transformation and shift of consciousness to transform the planet with virtuous internal energies of love & joy, openness & fairness, courage & justice, gentleness & gratitude, and kindness & forgiveness.

Be a part of building a national state park so individuals (by invitation only) can come and mediate through internal practices for the transmission of Universal Consciousness. You can change the world individually from indifference, imbalance, depression, fear and anger through the virtuous practices of compassion, patience, balance, righteousness, stillness and kindness by building this mountain meditation site.

With your $10 donation you will have your name and date of donation sandblasted on one of the mountain rocks used for the making 40 ghettos (meditation huts) as a sponsor for this project.

You can change your perception of life and collectively we change the world consciousness from war, deception, guilt, greed, cruelty, and sadness by supporting this Universal UHT Meditation practice site. By enough donations of these $10 rocks we can build meditation parks around the world to transform our collective consciousness through virtuous individual transformation creating peace, harmony, respect, generosity and stillness in our lives.

donate_now_buttonGet your stone today and by other donations get the internal practices (download written or audio) for your individual shift of consciousness. Please click here to participate.

W. U. Wei

The Professor (Wei Tzu)

Master of Nothingness

The Myth that takes the Mystery out of Mysticism

Remember Smile Down (Inner Smile) and that will now change your world and the world around you.