Master Mantak Chia on Wu Chi Falls Water Pakua

Master Mantak Chia on Wu Chi Falls Water Pakua

We want to cultivate energetically a Scared Meditation Mountain Retreat area for teaching, training and practicing so individuals can become an Immortal in Body, Mind and Spirit using the Universal Healing Tao practices. We want to able to document this process to show and explain to the public through the internet a step by-step practicing process of becoming an Immortal (changing the Physical Body into a Spirit Body). By doing this meditative process of Inner Alchemy individually we trust that if enough individuals will do this which is why we are creating this facility that it will transform human consciousness on a global level leading us into a golden age of harmony and love.

Through donations from like-minded people we hope to raise $500,000 to create this facility and by building a website to communicate, promote and support this global mission. Through the website we will invite people to get involve communicating about the mission and supporting it by donations, study, and practices which will be used for individual Immortality on a higher level.

Everyone who supports this mission will receive a download donation gift either written or audio of these understandings and practices of the Universal Healing Tao System presented by the author and Senior Instructor, William U. Wei depending on their level of support. An additional donation gift will available to those individuals who would to physically become a part of the mountain by having their name sandblasted on one of the building stones of the mountain facility.


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