Inspiration of the Day by The Professor

You will discover when reading these themes of the Tao Te Ching the feeling of the Tao on a daily basis with the Taoist themes:

Everyone is born with an Angel’s Heart: but it is up to us to open our hearts to discover and experience the Angel within for the joy of the Angel within is the Tao. Within the Earth’s Soul you find your Essence and the Joy of the Tao. Sitting on a mountain you find the stillness to connect with the Tao. Falling Water purges Body, Mind & Spirit returning you back to the Tao. The Spirit of the Forest lives within you as you discover the Tao. A flame burns deep inside our hearts giving birth to Pearls of Compassion that manifest into the Tao. A fire burns inside you, as you feel the flames you will experience the Tao. Rooted deep within the ground you will find the essence of the Tao. When one drop hits upon a rock, then another and another, before long it will open the rock and meaning of the Tao. Every moment living and being in the Tao is a light mist on your Internal Light Being. Leafs transform Sunlight into our Beings by the Blowing Wind of the Tao. Streams of Heat rise steaming from the Reflection of the Sun into our Being and its streams are the Tao’s flowing path.

The Professor (Wei Tzu)
Master of Nothingness
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