Retreat Accommodations

Tao Garden Retreats

Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort, about thirty minutes outside of Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, is an internationally renowned health resort where individuals or groups can go and experience a wide variety of holistic healing methodologies. Tao Garden Health Spa is a result of Master Chia’s vast experience (more than 40 years) with Chinese and Thai Medicine, Western Holistic, and Ayurvedic Indian Medicine with over ninety treatments. Tao Garden is a unique resort on eighty acres at the foothills of the Southeastern Himalayas with over thirty buildings having over hundred beds and five meditation halls with banana groves, papaya trees, and organic rice fields. All buildings in Tao Garden are made from red earth bricks from the natural red earth of Thailand, which was pressed into red brick from an energy efficient compression and drying process. Tao Garden is surrounded by farmlands, and there is a massive reservoir just a kilometer from Tao Garden. The water in Tao Garden is supplied by a year-round underground spring that flows into a stream located inside the resort. The drinking water is intensely purified, going through a number of filters as well as a reverse osmosis process.Tao Garden Organic Five Elements kitchen’s menu are fresh gourmet dishes prepared without monosodium glutamate or refined white sugar. The Tao Garden Dining Hall offers vegetarian cuisine at every meal served three times a day in a buffet style service.

Sak’s Homestay is right next to Tao Garden having over 12 Two Story Thai Red Brick Units (2 beds per unit) with kitchenette and full bath in a beautiful Bamboo Garden. See Photo Gallery

Accommodation Assistance

The Professor will assist all students in setting up their accommodations for the Three Retreat Weeks. Please e-mail for reservations and costs.

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