Bulgarian Retreats 2015 (completed)

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Plovdiv, Bulgaria Proudly Presents:

To Universal Healing Tao Instructors and Serious Students of Universal Healing Tao

An Intensive Instructor/Student 10 Day Training Series of Retreats in April 2015
1st Time in 15 years that the Professor has taught the UHT System in Europe

The Tao is the Life Force
In everything that we touch,
In everything that we see,
In everything that we smell,
In everything that we hear,
In everything that we taste.

It is the Way the river flows,
It is the Way the sun glows,
It is the Way the wind blows,
It is the Way the tree grows,
It is the Way a seed becomes a rose.

The Tao is in the air we breathe.
It is the very breath that gives us life.
The Tao is the Life Force within us.
You cannot describe or define it;
You can only experience and feel it.

Learn how to understand and connect with this Life Force by attending this Intensive Workshop.

The Professor

Master of Nothingness

By Senior Instructor William U. Wei (Jon Weston)

The Professor – Master of Nothingness – Wei Tzu

The Myth that takes the Mystery out of Mysticism

After 15 years finally coming out from his Southern Oregon Mountain Retreat Sanctuary the Professor has agreed to teach all the instructor techniques on the Basic UHT (I-III), Iron Shirt (I-III), and Kan & Li (I-III) practices learn directly from Master Mantak Chia. The instructors and serious students will learn all technical aspects of the formulas directly from the Universal Healing Tao books, why we practice the formulas and how to properly practice and teach the formulas to the students so they will continue to practice them. This information comes from over thirty years of daily practice after personally taking over 600 of Master Chia’s Workshops and teaching over 500 individual students and over 5,000 students in group workshops while teaching on tour with Master Chia from 1994 through 2000.

Through this process acting as Universal Tao Publications’ Project Manager the Professor has managed to formatting, layout, coordinating, editing and writing the completion of 55 Universal Healing Tao Books with another fifteen books to go to complete the Universal Healing Tao System. The Professor also personally wrote out the over 240 formulas from the Universal Healing Tao books into the Chi Cards format (Six Decks of twenty cards each on 3×5 cards) for his personal practice and teaching his fellow students and for their daily practices as well. This is the second time this will be available to the UHT instructors who will learn how to upgrade their certifications from the Professor who helped design the Universal Healing Tao Certification system. It is the Professor wish to share these understandings of the Universal Healing Tao System to his fellow instructors and serious student of the Universal Healing Tao before he retires from active teaching and go into his cave for his personal Immortal Ascension.


The Professor’s Bio:

Born after World War I, growing up in the Midwest area of the United States, this student of the Tao started studying directly under Master Mantak Chia in 1984 and became a Senior Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao in August 1993 (specializing on one on one training to over 500 students). In the December 1994 this Senior Instructor moved to Tao Garden, Thailand, after liquidating all his US assets and assisted Master Mantak Chia in building Tao Garden Taoist Training Center. For the next six years this student of the Tao traveled to over 30 countries teaching with Master Mantak Chia and serving as Marketing and Construction Coordinator for the Tao Garden. Upon completion of Tao Garden in December 1998 he became Project Manager (winters) for Universal Tao Publications’ books and products (coordinating the completion of an additional 48 book titles). With the purchase of a mountain having four waterfalls in Southern Oregon, USA (6/15/1998) this practitioner is presently (summers) completing a Taoist Mountain Sanctuary for personal cultivation, Higher Level Immortal Tao practices and ascension. This student of the Tao is the co-author of twelve Universal Healing Tao books with Master Chia as follows: “Living in the Tao”, “Sexual Reflexology”, “Cosmic Detox”, “Cosmic Astrology”, “Cosmic Nutrition”, “Emerald River”, “Universal Healing Tao Formulas I”, “Prostate Chi Kung”, “Uterus Chi Kung”, “Chi Nei Ching”, “Multi-Orgasmic Teen”, “Sealing of the Five Senses”, and co-creator of the Universal Tao Formula Cards, “Chi Cards” (6 sets of over 240 formulas) with Master Mantak Chia under the pen name the “The Professor – Master of Nothingness”, the Myth that takes the Mystery out of Mysticism. The Professor is also presently working on the future UHT books with Master Chia as follow: “Universal Healing Tao Formulas II” (Book II of the Chi Cards), “Ending into the Beginning” (personal ascension book) and an additional 6 sets of “Chi Cards” with over 240 formulas with Master Mantak Chia in completing the Universal Healing Tao System. William U. Wei also known as Wei Tzu is a pen name for this instructor so the instructor can remain anonymous and can continue to become a blade of grass in a field of grass.

Intensive Instructor/Student 10 Day Retreat Training Series

April 17th to April 26th 2015 Tuition $650 USD

Basic UHT Practices – 55 Formulas:

Introduction, Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Chi Self-Massage, Microcosmic Orbit, Wisdom Chi Kung, Iron Shirt Chi Kung I, Healing Love – 39 Formulas

The Introduction gives the background and explanation of The Tao, the name that cannot be named. The Cosmic Inner Smile teaches you how to get in touch with your internal organs, smiling to them, and transforming them into love, kindness, gentleness, and healing energy. The Six Healing Sounds cools down the body releasing excess heat, cleans toxins out of the organs and transforms negative emotions into positive emotions. Each sound relates to a vital organ and has a color, body posture and emotions. The Chi Self Massage freely moves vital blocked energy (Chi) through the body creating self-healing, inner balance & longevity. Microcosmic Orbit meditation is the ancient foundation for healing by awakening and opening the body centers, and drawing the Universal, Cosmic and Earth Forces from the Six Directions into the body. The students will learn to activate the Three Fires (Tan Tiens) circulating this Life Force Energy (Chi) as it will be passed through their body channels. Students learn Wisdom Chi Kung techniques of Emptying and Recharging the Brain. Simple Chi Kung is a series of easy to perform simple exercises to loosen the joints & muscles that circulates Chi and blood throughout the body is facilitated for High Level Chi Kung practices.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung I (Iron Shirt Standing Posture) – 8 Formulas

Iron Shirt Chi Kung I consists of 5 Standing Postures teaching the student the ability to “Root” to the earth strengthening tendons, muscles, bones and organs. The student will learn to use breathing techniques to increase and “Pack” Chi in the fascia (connective tissue) creating a Chi Belt. The result is increased stamina and the body’s ability to fight disease and protect the organs from injury

Taoist Secrets of Love & Healing Love – 8 Formulas

This Single & Dual Cultivation practice in the Aroused & Unaroused State conserves & transforms sexual energy while invigorating and rejuvenating the body’s vital functions. These techniques of Ovarian and Testicle Breathing, Scrotum & Ovarian Compression, Power Lock, Big Draw, and Valley Orgasm enhances sexual fulfillment & physical improvement as vital energy is exchanged with one’s partner with the indiscriminate loss of emotional & sexual energy.

Fusion of the Five Elements I – 4 Formulas

The Formula I meditation builds an internal Composting Structure (Pakuas) inside the body, which anchor and balance organ energy at the Cauldron (center of the body) spiraling them into a Pearl. The student learns to form the Pakuas (8 sided geometric vortexes) and the Sounds using the Six Directions and the Collections Points to balance the Internal Weather with Formula 2. Formulas 3 and 4 focus on Connecting the Senses and Organs together developing internal self-control and transforming Negative Emotions using the spiraling and blending techniques to create a Composting essence for the virtues energy. The energy is

Fusion of Five Elements II (Cosmic Fusion) – Formulas 1, 2 and 3

The Fusion II Meditation grows and intensifies the Good Virtue Energies forming a Compassion Pearl in the Creation Cycle using the organ colors. The student learns how to detoxify the organs & Glands by opening up the Thrusting Channels protecting themselves forming psychic Belt Channels drawing in Universal Forces.

Fusion of Five Elements III (Fusion of the Eight Psychic Channels) – Formulas 1-8

The Fusion III meditation opens the Greater Bridge and Regulator Channels, Spinal Cord, Head, and Heart using the cutting and drilling techniques cleaning out any energy blockages. The student learns to protect the body from external energies by Sealing the Senses and Aura using the Butterfly and Brushing Techniques.

Iron Shirt II (Tendon Nei Kung) – 9 Formulas

Tendon Nei Kung is the ability to emanate a vibration of an organ discharging it from the hand several feet away. The student learns to align their structure to the Earth Force, and to Torque their tendons transmitting the force with their breath creating pressure using a rhythmic movement in the Eight Positions along with Partner and Pushing against Wall practices. The Mung Bean Bag Hitting creates vibrations in the bodylines to absorb the Chi in the bones.

Tai Chi Chi Kung I – Short Yang Form – 18 Formulas

Tai Chi I is a moving meditation consisting of the Yang Family’s Thirteen Movements and Five Directions using Iron Shirt Structural Alignment with the Universal Forces. The result is an improvement of energy circulation, posture, nervous system, bones, tendons and digestion. The student will learn their Center of Gravity while increasing coordination of movement and flexibility.

Iron Shirt III (Bone Marrow Nei Kung) – 9 Formulas

Bone Breathing uses the power of the mind with deep, relaxed inhalations to establish inward flow of external energy. Bone Compression is the physical process of spiraling, packing, and contracting muscles squeezing Chi into the bones. Sexual Chi Massage is the release of sexual energy and hormones from the genitals so that it can be absorbed into the bones. Chi Weight Lifting is an advanced art using weights to pull downward on the genitals creating an upward of energy strengthening the fasciae around the organs and glands. Bone Hitting uses Wire and Rattan Hitters to strike each body area creating vibrations into the bone marrow.

Chi Nei Tsang I (CNT I) – 22 Formulas

In the rivers of the forest, leaves of the tree branches fall into the water clogging it up at the bends of the river. When they stop the flow of the river stagnation sets up in the river and a new organism forms called a swamp. The same happens in our body with the energy channels (rivers). They become blocked with debris (toxins) and form a new organism called cancer when stagnation happens. The Chi Nei Tsang formulas are a hands-on application to manually remove any branches (debris) from your energy rivers (energy channels, lines and meridians). Through the Chi Nei Tsang Internal Organ Massage techniques (Healing Hands Meditation, Fanning, Venting, Flushing, Opening and Chasing the Wind Gates and Winds) the practitioner activates and opens the channels and energy lines releasing the Sick Energy and Winds. The Chi Nei Tsang formulas (Navel Diagnosis & Release, Skin & Intestines Detoxify, Organ (Diaphragm, Lungs, Liver, Pancreas, Spleen, Heart, Kidneys, Lymph System, Psoas Muscle, Nerves, Ovaries and Prostate) detoxify the whole body removing the blockages one at a time over a period of time depending on the extent of the stagnation. Common aliments (Headaches, Leg Pain (Sciatic Nerve) and Pulse Balancing) are also healed by these formulas and healing is further attained by the Tree Chi Kung formulas (Tree Palming on Yin & Yang Sides) using nature’s Immortal Healers. You will learn how to diagnosis your body and its toxic levels and obstructions and stress from the inside out through the assistance of the CNT practitioner with periodic sessions and how to maintain your body’s balance with your daily hands on practice. This is a safe, practical way to connect physically with and balance your body on a daily basis using these simple healing hands-on techniques to open up, release and detoxify your body for health and longevity.

Enlightenment of Lesser Kan & Li (Immortal Tao Practices – 1st Level) – 12 Formulas

The Lesser Kan & Li I meditation builds an Internal Steaming Cauldron inside the body reversing the Fire (Heart & Adrenals) Energy and Water (Kidneys & Genitals) Energy gathering the Wood (Liver) Energy and Metal (Lungs) Energy at the Navel. The student will learn how to steam & purify the Organs, Spinal Cord, Lymphatic & Nervous Systems, 12 Channels and Crystal Room. The practice shows the Pulsing Technique. The Lesser Kan & Li II meditation focuses on internal observation (Inner Eye) and activates Self Intercourse in the body utilizing the Power Lock connecting the Genitals with the Pineal Gland. The student will learn how to form the Energy Body using the Animal Virtues and to transfer the Organ Essence; gathering the Immortal Pill & growing the Immortal Fetus, closing with Turning the Wheel.

Enlightenment of Greater Kan & Li (Immortal Tao Practices – 2nd Level) – 15 Formulas

The Greater Kan & Li I meditation connects with the 4 Earth Elements (Body Lengths) into the ground and at the Human & Heavenly Planes gathering at the Crystal Room. The student builds an                            Internal Steaming Cauldron inside the body reversing the Fire (Heart & Adrenals) Energy and Water (Kidneys & Genitals) Energy at the Solar Plexus. The student then steams & purifies Organs, Spinal Cord, Lymphatic/Nervous Systems, 12 Channels, Crystal Room and Seasonal Temperatures closing with Pulsing. The Greater Kan & Li II meditation focuses on the Inner Animals and Virgin Children, and the Outer Animal Soul Guides. The student will steam the Organs (Color & Fragrance) and Channels, and learn how to Clear, Open and Empty the Heart (Streaming, Pulsating & Growing). The student will activate the Inner Eye and practice Self Intercourse creating the Immortal Fetus (Soul/Spirit); and forming the Outer Bodies connecting with the North Star and their Personnel Star closing with Turning the Wheel.

Enlightenment of Greatest Kan & Li (Immortal Tao Practices-3rd Level) – 17 Formulas

The Greatest Kan & Li meditation connects with the Solar Body using the Sun, Moon, Planets, and the Stars to expand the student’s Conscience with the Original Force, the Wu Chi. The student builds an Internal Steaming Cauldron inside the body reversing the Fire (Heart & Adrenals) Energy and Water (Kidneys & Genitals) Energy at the Heart. The student then steams & purifies the Organs, Spinal Cord, Lymphatic & Nervous Systems, 12 Channels, Crystal Room & the Three Tan Tiens closing with the Pulsing and Turning the Wheel. The Greatest Kan & Li II meditation focuses on the 4 Heart Chambers connecting with the 4 Constellations and the Big Dipper’s 7 Stars and the North Star. The student will activate the Inner Eye and practice Self Intercourse marrying the 3 Lights by forming pakuas at the navel, crown, mid-eye, & Palms condensing the Light into an Embryo (Immortal Fetus) pulsating it with the Solar Body working with their Outer Bodies and their Personal Star closing with Turning the Wheel & Bone Breathing.

(Learn Kan & Li Practices in the Light to prepare for Tao Garden Darkness Retreat next Winter)

Student Commentary from 1st Intense 3 Week Workshops (11/10/13) by The Professor

The Professor’s intense three week course was an insightful first introduction to the broad Universal Healing Tao System for me. The variety of Taoist meditations and practices taught in this course gave me a perfect overview over Inner Alchemy as taught by Mantak Chia. Through a good mixture of practical exercises, theoretical and conceptual framework, repetition modules as well as practice time with a partner everybody in class could pick up a lot in a relatively short time.

Julian (29), Germany Thanks for your teachings and guidance for the whole retreat, it is greatly appreciated. The biggest take away for me from the retreat is the “spaced repetition” practices you implemented into the daily lessons. Adding the new lesson learnt everyday into the daily practices we do every morning and eventually building it into a two hour sequence of practices on the last day of the retreat was very helpful to me. This retreat has provided me a very good platform to practice with like-minded individuals. By myself, I could only read the detailed instructions in the books and watch videos of Master Chia teaching. But nothing beats being able to take time off my daily commitments and distractions, to be able to spend 3 quality weeks, just doing the practices every day during the lessons. Personally,  I very much prefer this way of learning rather than some of the trainings I’ve attended previously, where the trainer would give a very detailed and informative presentation but having much less time to practice for the participants. I totally agree with you that we can get the information and details we need from the books or the chi cards ourselves and cultivating the seeds of practice is the most important take away at the end of the day. Thank you so much for creating such a intensive practice platform for me. It is the perfect complement with the details and information from the books I’ve brought along to the retreat. I strongly recommend this course to people who would like to maximize their time during the retreat to hone their skills with more practice sessions rather than be bombarded with lots of concepts and details of the course which you can simply read yourself during your free time. I’ve had a fruitful retreat. I’m looking forward to more such retreats in the future. Cheers.

Nigel (35), Singapore

My main objective in the course was to learn the Iron Shirt techniques and to be able to practice it by myself. For my luck, the 3 weeks intensive training started with the basic techniques and the Iron Shirt. And we keep practicing it along the other two weeks. So we not just learned it but we did practice it a lot. And that was great because I could build a solid base. And I am able to gather additional details and expend more time in the practice for further achievements. That was my objective and I got it, so I am more than pleased with the course. On top of that, I did enjoy the other techniques taught during the week 2 and 3. Both weeks offered insightful practices. As somebody who respects the philosophy and the knowledge connected with the history of Tao, and as somebody used to reading the I Ching, Pakuas and trigrams, it was very interesting to learn the Fusion techniques which are Chi Kung techniques totally connected with these elements. Learning the Tai Chi forms were a plus while our main lesson on week 3 was to root our Iron Shirt posture (in special the Tree) while doing the Tai Chi. I did enjoy the entire course and I recommend it. William is a senior instructor of Master’s Mantak Chia method which includes a variety of practices related to the Tao, which included different Chi Kung and other techniques related to the Internal and Spiritual development. All of it has been meticulously compiled on several books over the last 3 decades. This offered a great opportunity for Westerners to get exposed to these techniques, methods and philosophical ideas. William’s particular strategy to teach Master Mantak Chia teachings focus on repetition. And repetition is important and everything involving the ideogram that we translated “kung” or “gong” requires practice and hard work. That is the basis of what we can call Kung Fu and Chi Kung. Knowledge requires practice to truly exist. I think I had a great time in Asia (China and Thailand) with some adventures, some learning, some friends, and some elements that I brought with me to my future and definitively an unforgettable time. I hope I can have the opportunity to visit Asia again, as well as to have more opportunities to learn how to improve my body, mind and spirit.

Alan (37), Brazil

The workshop was quite successful in conveying a very pragmatic approach in how to get established in an at-home daily practice; I have been eternally grateful for the Professor ‘s emphasis on taking small steps, “it’s amazing”, he would stress, “how much you can accomplish by doing very little”.  Just this much is having tremendous effect in how I approach and practice now.  I feel happier on a daily basis because I can actually finish my practice; it’s no longer this do everything take all-day practice which I now realize had been breeding a subtle and pervasive sense of dissatisfaction since I rarely if at all could complete everything on my list to practice daily; and this dissatisfaction had been contributing and making it not possible for me to fully and truly feel happy even though my outlook has always been generally cheerful and positive. It’s a lot easier now to feel and cultivate my own inner happiness…two thumbs up the Professor.

Rodolphe (36), USA

     I found the structure and the teaching very constructive and concise so as to have a clear practice about Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Healing Sounds, Fusion of 5 Elements, Tai Chi, Bone Marrow Nei Kung and much more. I was impressed how well the whole group could repeat every day the whole series of formulas which was developing and increasing day by day. 

   The knowledge and experience that The Professor has is vast on the Tao through the teachings of the Universal Healing Tao. He was direct down to the point for what and how to learn the material as well as patient for the whole group to practice. It was clear to me that he uses and lives the Tao daily and that is what inspired me the most; to live and practice the Tao in all aspect of everyday life, profession, career, family, with friends and with strangers as well. I have been practicing ever since which has been a great development in my daily energy work and meditation formulas. 

Evangelos (33), Greece

       I thoroughly enjoyed The Professor’s week long course on Fusion Meditation. The Inner Alchemy was definitely active within me, and continues to shine strongly as my Canadian friends immediately recognize this new inner strength. I’ve discovered it’s a lot easier to live every day in the Tao and this has greatly enhanced my current practices of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Chi Nei Tsang. The Professor explained new Concepts with ease and was understood by all students. There was a good mix of physical exercises, theory and meditative practices. The best part was daily repetition of meditations to create a strong foundation to practice Fusion anywhere, anytime. I really enjoyed his lecture’s, they were straight up, honest and well timed. I would recommend this Fusion Meditation to either novice or advanced student. I am motivated to continue The Professors’ daily Fusion practices and look forward to his future courses.

Dave (57), Canada

I’m not a great one on words but once again thank you for your time and patience but most of all for your sharing. It was a privilege. Still seem to be hearing your voice in my head as some of these things start to make more sense in my practice. This is a good thing. So once again thank you and wishing you all that you wish for yourself in 2014.

Steve (53), Australia

I would say you know the Universal Healing Tao System as well as any man alive with the exception of Master Chia and the delivery was sharp, intelligent and entertaining. Overall I gained a huge amount from the 2 weeks and would certainly be interested in attending another workshop next year.

Dave (59), England

     I really enjoyed the 1st week of Chi Kung.  I have been practicing the Iron Shirt and Tendon Nei Kung most mornings.  I also like to use the Wire Hitter. The 2nd week was very interesting though at this point in my life I am not doing this type of advanced meditation. I was a bit disappointed that I missed out on the Tai Chi week but no worries maybe in the future.

Michael (43), USA

The experience was great. We went through all basics and advanced practices daily always with good sound explanations of the aims for each practice based on the Professor’s long experience. For me as a beginner I was impressed with the teaching method which leaves me with good preparation for the new practices and a good overview on all the major teachings to follow up later in more advanced practice. Thank you, Professor for instructing us in these great 3 weeks.

Sergio ((37) Portugal

I am a businessman from Bulgaria and also a certified instructor of Universal Healing Tao. I took a three week course with The Professor at Tao Garden this November 2014 and I recommend it to all determined practitioners. The knowledge comes to you in a systematic, pragmatic and repetitive manner. It was perfect because even the beginners will learn the advanced formulas. I liked him as a teacher and I have invited him to teach in Bulgaria next year. As the Professor teaches to grow the UHT practices you need – A little bit of water and sunshine over the seed of consciousness every day is the key to successful growth. Thank you, Professor!

Stanislav (43) Bulgaria 

“For three weeks we have studied and practiced several levels in Universal Healing Tao System and these for only 4 hours per day. So, I did not feel overwhelmed because we had plenty of time to do our daily practice, and to enjoy the good weather, nature, pool, massages, and organic food at the wonderful and beautiful Tao Garden, where the instruction was held. It was good and exciting to hear the concept, theory and explanation and to see a complete demonstration and practice of the all different Universal Healing Tao daily practices.”

Mariela (47) Bulgaria

The Professor’s Three Week Retreat at Tao Garden, Thailand did provide a disciplined and practical introduction to Universal Healing Tao curriculum. The building up of a Universal Healing Tao daily practices and review with each training session will prove invaluable for home study and daily practice as will the knowledge from the retreat for time management and Universal Healing Tao Practice Programing for daily life. Look forward to working with the Professor in the 2015 either at Bulgaria and/or Tao Garden.

John (50) England

I really joyed those 3 weeks very much. Never before in my life have I sat still for such a long time and I really felt inner joy and peace. In fact, it was easy very often and time was running by. I felt also the increasing energy moving throughout my body. I will definitely try to integrate the formulas we learned in my daily practice and life, because they are enhancing my energy and peace.

Christoph (49) Germany


I loved the class and was grateful for the intensity and the level of integrative practice. I was able to really gain a greater appreciation of the Tao, its teachings and also gained a better understanding of Taoist Inner Alchemy. I loved the Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Fusion of the Five Element practices the most and felt that was what I most absorbed along with the main points and purpose of practicing. I also liked how we did not have long speeches and slides and that English was the language it was taught. The class times were nice as well giving everyone time to do their daily practices. The entire thing was very intense for me considering how open I am and the amount that has been being cleaned. Professor, thank you for your years of dedication to share this wisdom. I am grateful!

Hailey (32) USA

I sincerely wish to thank the Professor for these lovely three weeks. First of all, you have the ability to create a very good, warm, save and connected groups-atmosphere, in which each person finds his place and daily practice that they can easily can be developed by them. I really enjoyed your teachings. They were to the point, clear and well timed. It was a good mix of physical exercises and meditation practice. The biggest benefit for me was the repeating of the Universal Healing Tao practices every morning. In this way your shared knowledge and exercises could without any problem find its place within my system and something to anchor too. It made it easy to get back into the Universal Healing Tao practices. If anyone would ask me, I surely would highly recommend anyone who is serious about their practices to join these weeks. Thanks, once again.

Arhat (54) Germany 


You can personally contact the Professor by email <tpweitzu@gmail.com> or phone|
(1)(503) 794-2717 for any questions about the Retreats or the Tao and register through
him and he will contact
Plovdiv, Bulgaria to reserve your Retreat place after his approval.


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